How to manage Database Using Phpmyadmin in PLESK

In the last post at you have a colletion of WHM / cpanel management videos. This videos is good for newbies with plesk web hosting or plesk dedicated server.

Plesk web hosting is the best control panel to some webmasters because is a simple, reliable and secure we management platform.

PhpMyAdmin management using plesk video:

WHM Administration cpanel server video tutorials

This is a a very complete and useful collection ( of video tutorials to manage your dedicated server. If ideal for cpanel / whm beginner users. You can find on this sysadmingear a lot of useful information to manage your dedicated server. If you have any question just comment...

Note that all videos are about basic whm management, the only i think you will need if you have good experience is about SSL configuration. It is easy but the first time you need to lost some minutes.

Upgrading An Account In WHM

Working With SSL Certifications In WHM

Managing your suspended Page In WHM

Managing Parked & Pointed Domains In WHM

Managing your hosting packages in WHM

Performing Milti-access Functions In WHM

Modifying an account's quota in WHM

Managing your Bandwidth In WHM

Other very useful video about Basic Linux Commands:

How to exctract .daa without using poweriso

I have downloaded a .daa file and want to extrat it without using poweriso.. I have found this simple program (no installation needed) to convert .daa to .iso

1. Download daa2iso
download here (other links on web should be dead).

2. Convert .daa to .iso using daa2iso

3. In .iso you can use daemontools or winrar to extract the files