How to install and slackpkg

What is slackpkg
slackpkg is a tool thtat syncs the OS with the SlackWare Disto mirrors.

Bom para come├žar vamos fazer o seu download:

# wget
installpkg slackpkg-2.08-noarch-3.tgz
Configuring slackpkg:
cd /etc/slackpkg

In this folder you have 3 files
blacklist = packages to ingore on update
mirrors = to save bandwidh you should choose is possible a local mirror
slackpkg.conf = program configuration

First time you use this program, you should update the GPG key (you just to do this first time).
# slackpkg update gpg

How to use slackpkg
# slackpkg update (to sync)
# slackpkg install-new (packages
# slackpkg upgrade-all (update all packages)

Other useful commands
Download package, install or re-install:
# slackpkg install reinstall

More information abou a package:
# slackpkg info

Good luck! :)