Parallel NFS Read Write Faster than NFS

Parallel NFS Read Write Faster than NFS
The Network File System (NFS) is a stalwart part of most modern local area networks but is inadequate for the demanding input and output-intensive applications commonly found in high-performance computing -- or, at least it was. The newest revision of the NFS standard includes Parallel NFS (pNFS), a execution of file sharing that multiplies transfer rates by orders of magnitude.

NFS is pretty old file used sharing technology for UNIX operating system and storage systems. However, it suffers from performance issues. NFSv4 can address the data files access issues by adding the parallel NFS (pNFS) that is a method that introduces a "Data Access Parallelism". It result is extreme fast data file sharing for clusters and higher availability configurations.

In addition to pNFS, NFSversion4.1 provides the next "features":
- Sessions
- Directory Delegation and Notifications
- Multi-server Namespace ACL,SACL,DACL
- Retention Attributions