Guide to the Unix and Linux operating system

This is a beginners guide to the Unix and Linux operating system. Some simple tutorials which cover the basics of UNIX / Linux commands. Unix and Linux operating systems are very popular on Webhosting companies and other that work with Internet Servers, Mail Servers etc. Is something that all system administrators should know.

- What is UNIX?
- Files and processes on UNIX
- UNIX The Directory Structure
- Starting an UNIX terminal

- Listing files and directories on UNIX
- Making Directories on UNIX
- Changing to a different Directory on UNIX
- The directories . and .. on UNIX
- Pathnames
- More about home directories and pathnames on UNIX

- Copying Files on UNIX
- Moving Files on UNIX
- Removing Files and directories on UNIX
- Displaying the contents of a file on the screen on UNIX
- Searching the contents of a file on UNIX

- Redirection on UNIX
- Redirecting the Output on UNIX
- Redirecting the Input on UNIX
- Pipes

- Wildcards
- Filename Conventions
- Getting Help

- File system security (access rights) on UNIX
- Changing access rights on UNIX
- Processes and Jobs on UNIX
- Listing suspended and background processes on UNIX
- Killing a process on UNIX

- Other Useful UNIX commands

- Compiling UNIX software packages
- Download source code
- Extracting source code
- Configuring and creating the Makefile
- Building the package
- Running the software
- Stripping unnecessary code

- UNIX variables
- Environment variables
- Shell variables on UNIX
- Using and setting variables

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