Introducing SSSMenu

SSHMenu Features:
- Allows to add key so that you can run rest of the all session without a problem and password.
- Every connection will use the terminal profile you’ve selected, to set the color scheme, terminal font and other settings.
- Open all connection at a time

(SSHMenu screenshot)

What is SSHMenu?

"SSHMenu is a GNOME panel applet* that keeps all your regular SSH connections within a single mouse click (...) Each menu option will open an SSH session in a new terminal window. You can organise groups of hosts with separator bars or sub-menus. You can even open all the connections on a submenu (in separate windows or tabs) with one click.
Here's a killer feature: imagine if every time you connected to a production server the terminal window had a red-tinted background, to remind you to tread carefully. Using terminal profiles, SSHMenu allows you to specify colours, fonts, transparency and a variety of other settings on a per-connection basis. You can even set window size and position."

Download SSHMenu