Chroot, chrooting, jailing, comparimization

Hi, I found this reference information. Good for people who wants to get rich knowlege about sysadmin.. (Part 4)

Part1 - Basics, important sites, HOWTO's, handbooks, hardening, tips
Part2 - Netfilter, firewall, Iptables, Ipchains, DoS, DDoS
Part3 - Intrusion detection, integrity checks: IDS, NIDS, HIDS, Antivirus, software
Part4 - Chroot, chrooting, jailing, comparimization
Part5 - Forensics, recovery, undelete
Part6 - Securing networked services

Part4 - Chroot, chrooting, jailing, comparimization

Chroot Jails Made Easy with the Jail Chroot Project:
Chrooting MySQL HOWTO (LQ):
Apache, PHP, MySQL:

OpenSSH for chrooted sessions on Linux:
OpenSSH, Scponly:
Using scponly for secure file transfers:
OpenSSH, Rssh:
OpenSSH Sftp logging patch, contact Mike Martinez:

How to chroot an Apache tree with Linux and Solaris:
An Overview of 'chroot jailing' Services in Linux:
How to break out of a chroot() jail:
Breaking out of a restricted shell:, down at "Breaking Out of Various Restrictions"
Tech-Babble: Virtual Server Myth:
0x05: Why chroot(2) Sucks:
Chuvakin A.,:
Chrooting daemons and system processes HOW-TO:

Other SW/HOWTO's unsorted for BIND

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