Important Linux Commands

This is a list of important and useful commands for work on Linux command line.

arch - display processor architecture
# arch

cat - outputs the contents of a file
# cat

dir - list directory contents
# dir

cd - change the working directory
# cd /root

chgrp - change group ownership of files
# chgrp groupname

chmod - change access permissions of files
# chmod +x

chown - change file owner and group.
# chown root lorem.txt

cksum - print CRC checksum and byte counts of each file
# cksum example1.src example2.src

cp - copies a file
# cp -Rp file1 /root/files

date - show current date and time
# date

df - reports the amount of disk space used and available on filesystems
# df

du - estimate file space usage
# du -h /root

echo - display a line of text
# echo hello

exit - cause the shell to exit
# exit

fgrep - print lines matching a pattern in a file
# fgrep "hello" file